2022 CEU – Boston University modules finish
7 July, 2022
10 USP CEU Masters among the best in Spain
12 July, 2022

3 CEU degrees among the best 50 in Spain

The journal El Mundo has published the twenty first edition of the Ranking of the best 50 degrees, a special ranking which analyses the most demanded degrees in order to guide future students in the choice of university.

Within 45 academic institutions listed in this ranking, CEU USP has improved its results compared to last year. The Degree in Journalism improves its position and ranks second as best degree in Spain; Human Nutrition and Dietetics remains with the same score as last year and Nursing joins the ranking.

El Mundo highlights that Universidad CEU San Pablo is committed to innovation, investigation, internationalization and digitalization as tools to adapt to new realities. It also points out the launch of the innovative Exploria project, which enriches and updates teaching activity and syllabus with new tools and methodologies.

In turn, Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera and Universitat Abat Oliba CEU – although in this edition they have not been included in the ranking- the Journal El Mundo outstands that CEU UCH with 30% of international students is considered as an international and innovative university offering a practice-oriented education. Also the Journal highlights that it has an advanced simulation centre, a veterinary clinic hospital, a university odontology clinic and the centre for audiovisual projection, among others.

With respect to UAO CEU, the journal El Mundo emphasizes the relationship between theory and practice with real case studies, learning by doing methodology and classes in reduced groups. Likewise it underlines the follow-up of the personal evolution of students with a personal mentoring program reaching 95.3% employability rate.