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9 key words you should know before making the leap into the labour market

Joining the labour market may be overwhelming and stressful. It is a totally new scenario where we normally arrive without a prior introduction. Therefore, the Professional Careers Centre of Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera has decided to provide you with a scheme of nine key words of your interest to start to understand this new stage. Do not be afraid!

1. Knowmad

Creative, imaginative and innovative professional who can adapt and work nearly with anyone from anywhere. These professionals are highly valued for their knowledge and competitive advantage.

2. Reskilling

It is the recycling and preparation of a professional for him to carry out a duty for which he has soft skills although not hard skills or technical skills.

3. Upskilling

Involves “developing the necessary skills within one same position or profile”. Here, the professional already has the technical skills but needs to update in new skills and abilities “to incorporate and perfection new approaches to the work to be performed”.

4. Junior Profile

When the employee has less than 2-3 years of professional experience.

5. Professional Profile

Collection of technical (knowledge), methodological (skills) and transversal (qualities and attitudes) skills that help a professional fit in a position or an organization.

6. Collective bargaining

Agreement between trade unions and company to establish salaries, work schedules and other employment conditions.

7. Internship contracts

The internship contract is a contract for youngsters who have finished their studies in the last five years. Its aim is to promote the contracting of young professionals without experience to achieve professional internships related to the studies while they receive a salary.

8. Indefinite contract

The indefinite work contract is the one without a termination date. The term of this type of contracts extends until the company or employee decide to end it.

9. Alumni

Graduate in Spanish. It refers to the student who has concluded his studies and has been awarded a degree or academic title normally of a University level.

And here we finish with the basic knowledge!