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12 August, 2020
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18 August, 2020

Academic, research quality and professional experience of CEU teachers

The excellence of CEU Universities comes hand in hand without doubt with the quality of our teachers. Their high level of teaching as well as their outstanding professional experience turn CEU into the most important Spanish educational group. This way we have turned CEU Universities into a national and international reference

To this end we rely on a teaching team with over 50 professors and 800 specialized PhDs in the different areas of expertise included in the academic offer of CEU Universities.  

The research effort, one of the priorities of academic life

We pay especial attention to the research activity, aware of its important role in a university context. For this reason, CEU proposes research as the development driver of knowledge at university. Therefore, both CEU Universities and their Research Institutes are aimed at boosting and supporting the research activity disseminating their outcomes at a national and international level. Among our teachers we find prestigious research professionals willing to transmit their experience and passion for research to students. Within this framework we place the CEU Escuela Internacional de Doctorado (CEINDO) which gathers research groups formed by PhDs with proven research experience.

The link with the corporate world

At CEU Universities we offer comprehensive education through a cutting-edge educational experience based on Christian humanism values translated into a high degree of employability and broad international opportunities for our students. To achieve it we rely on a human team that makes the difference, result-oriented, committed to practical training where educational innovation is the key. Also, our professors carry out their professional activity at the same time as they teach at CEU so their point of view is very close to the reality of the labour market. Without doubt, knowing actual trends of the different professional sectors is essential to offer education with a forward-looking approach, linked also to private companies and the most important organizations.

In addition to research, CEU Universities look for their teachers in the corporate environment, aware of the necessary connection between University and private initiatives both to boost the research task and to offer our students the highest level of employability.

People, always at the centre

Times when professors taught a master class and were unapproachable for their students ended long ago. At CEU Universities we encourage participation in class, collaborative work, initiative and also a fluent and close communication between professors and students, either in person or online.

These are some of our professors who explain the advantages of studying at CEU, the importance of an international approach and the educational excellence hallmark of our centres: