Advantages of doing an internship abroad

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5 December, 2019
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13 December, 2019

Advantages of doing an internship abroad

During University is when students acquire knowledge through study and experiences such as traveling to study abroad and internships in companies. These last ones are a way to attain new skills and also ease access to employment helping define career aspirations of students.

CEU Universities are university centres with a strong international spirit that encourage our students to do their internships in companies abroad. The reason is that they offer endless benefits for youngsters both at a personal and academic and professional level.

Commitment to employability and international mobility

There are many advantages of doing University internships in international companies. The most evident one is that they represent the practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge gained in class in a multicultural environment. Students will know other habits, times, tools, lifestyles, etc. But they will also acquire new skills to complete the academic profile of students. This way they will increase their success possibilities once they reach the labour market when acquiring skills than can only be achieved with practice and also doing so with the additional enrichment involved in living abroad.

Moreover, they are a way to approach corporate culture and internal management of companies. Beyond the theory learned in class, in order to be a successful professional it is necessary to develop skills such as team work, leadership, problem resolution etc. When being an intern in other countries, to all these aspects you have to add the capacity to adapt to changes, the management of uncertainty, the capacity to assume challenges and of course, the improvement of a foreign language until you master it. Companies highly value all these aspects when recruiting.

In general, internships in companies are also a way to direct students towards a professional future knowing first-hand what they will find at the end of their Graduate studies. Therefore, thanks to this internship period they will improve their CV and lay the foundations of a professional youngster to work anywhere in the planet, borders not being a problem. Encouraging the transformation of students into professionals is one of the duties of CEU Universities committed to the transmission of knowledge but also to the training of successful professionals capable of developing themselves in a global world.

On the other hand, living in a foreign country also allows internships to know other cultures and habits, establishing bonds with different people, having the opportunity to known attractive countries, etc. In the end, opening people’s mind and turning into people tolerant, flexible and ready to accept new challenges.

During professional internships in other countries, companies focus on training those professional profiles that will be most demanded. In addition, they will serve to assess the future performance and adaptation of candidates to the professional environment. All this represents a clear improvement of employability of students and also the creation of a relation that can be translated into an employment contract once the internship ends.

On top of that, staying abroad helps create a network of contacts that will be very useful once they start their professional career and will provide great experience at a personal level.

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