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22 February, 2021
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2 March, 2021

Are you looking for a place to study a PhD focused on research and internationalization? Choose CEU

Obtaining a PhD means reaching the maximum academic level and a high level of expertise in your professional field. It is one of the best ways to improve your employment options and outstand in your area. Having a PhD will offer you more professional opportunities and will place you in a position of advantage, something very valuable in competitive environments as the actual ones.

If you choose to do a PhD at CEU you will not only gain more knowledge and academic level but you will also be able to develop skills in a sound academic process that expands employment perspectives and eases the access to highly relevant positions in companies worldwide. CEU Universities are prestigious centres committed to innovation and research. If you are passionate about discovering, creating and innovating, CEU University life is what you are looking for.

Research, the engine of development at CEU Universities

Knowledge is fostered by its production as well as its transmission to society, one of the most important raison d’être of any university. Therefore both CEU Universities and Research Institutes work to promote and support university activity through collaboration with the corporate world boosting also PhD studies. All this is achieved through CEINDO, the international PhD School of CEU. If you become part of this academic project you will form part of a broad group of specialized researchers from different programs who work to create a network of researchers of international projection.

Therefore, CEU Universities promote inter-university PhD programs along with the collaboration of prestigious university institutions. This way our researchers may take part in research projects of high international relevance.

CEU quality and prestige to expand your academic and professional development

Either if you are studying the degree at CEU or not, studying a PhD at any of the three CEU Universities will allow you to update knowledge, adapt to new trends and improve your authority as an expert. You will also be able to expand your network of contacts, publish in specialized media with CEU’s support and position yourself in the market as a professional with concerns and who is updated.

Companies look for senior profiles and therefore studying a PhD at CEU will offer you the possibility of being promoted, improving your remuneration and opting to international positions. Without doubt the analysis, management and direction capacity offered by postgraduate studies, among other many skills, are requirements already essential to opt to top management positions. Also, preparing a PhD thesis shows commitment, responsibility and determination.  

Check the Programs of the CEU International PhD School: PhD in Sciences, Architecture, Communication, Law and Economics, Arts and Medicine and gives place to studying your PhD at CEU Universities.