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3 May, 2023
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Aula Adecco: improving competitiveness through talent

Universidad CEU San Pablo and The Adecco Group, world leader in the management of human resources within its commitment to education and youth employment have signed an agreement to foster youngster employability through the participation in the project Aula CEU-Empresa.

This initiative is a university-company ecosystem with teaching spaces to boost and encourage the development of projects combining the professional and academic world. A project started this academic year which is being implemented in all faculties and which helps students receive ancillary education at the same time as they take their first steps in the professional world in order to attain the best employability of students and reduce youth unemployment.

As a consequence of that agreement, The Adecco Group takes part in the project Aula CEU-Empresa having its physical space at the Faculty of Arts and Communication Sciences: the so called Aula Adecco. Sessions will be focused on the development of students’ talent generating real experiences in the assessment of skills. Workshops for the development of soft skills, knowledge of new assessment methodologies and within the module of Values and Leadership, the knowledge of the company and the professional purpose will be some of the activities taught.

This program integrates both theoretical and practical aspects in learning in order to help those who wish to take part in Aula Adecco and give them the option to join the labour market and do professional internships.

With the inauguration of Aula Adecco we are taking a step forward in collaborations between the University and The Adecco Group in addition to being a continuation of spaces offered by CEU USP to organizations that wish to educate students in specific skills and respond to their business needs and new sources for talent attraction.