Juanma Portela

12 March, 2021

The usefulness of virtual reality in lecture rooms

Technology has come to stay in lecture rooms. It offers multiple uses both to save the distance of the actual context and to enrich learning. At […]
9 March, 2021

Science contributes to the progress and wellbeing of society: This would not be possible without University transfer

CEU Universities have the persistent will of promoting the relationship and exchange between corporate and university worlds to contribute as efficiently and enriching as possible to […]
5 March, 2021

The importance of continuous education: updates, specialization and employability

In a world that changes in such a dizzying manner, a good professional cannot stop studying throughout the years. CEU Universities offer you the possibility to […]
2 March, 2021

What are the skills of the journalists of the future?

The advent of Internet and the expansion of the use of technology have led to deep changes in the way of doing journalism. Social networks transformed […]
25 February, 2021

Are you looking for a place to study a PhD focused on research and internationalization? Choose CEU

Obtaining a PhD means reaching the maximum academic level and a high level of expertise in your professional field. It is one of the best ways […]
22 February, 2021

Studying physiotherapy at CEU: internships, prestige and employability

Are you thinking about studying physiotherapy in Spain? Have you heard about CEU’s prestige in this degree? Being a physiotherapist is way more than helping in […]
19 February, 2021

Do you wish to work in the third sector? CEU Universities can be your springboard

NGOs and non-profit organizations and social entities in general keep increasing their payrolls and seek ever more commonly personalized profiles. If you wish to work in […]
15 February, 2021

New HyFlex functionalities to improve the experience of digital presence in CEU classrooms

Coinciding with the beginning of the second semester, last 9th February there was a new session of Open Classroom. In this occasion the CEO of CEU, […]
11 February, 2021

Universidad CEU San Pablo opens its doors to new international students

The team of the International Mobility Office of CEU USP, headed by the Vice-Dean of Internationalization Ainhoa Uribe has welcomed its incoming students in a virtual […]