Juanma Portela

1 December, 2020

CEU Universities, educational centres with history and prestige

CEU Universities form part of the main private Spanish educational group with over 80 years of history. They are the work of Asociación Católica de Propagandistas […]
26 November, 2020

Practical learning, key to raise the best professionals and favour competition of companies

Practical learning is gaining importance in academic environments. Acquiring theoretical knowledge is essential but having practical skills is the key to employability. Therefore, CEU Universities put […]
24 November, 2020

Cooperation to development: how to turn your vocation into your profession

Universities play a really important role in development as they promote people’s skills and contribute to the progress of processes developed by state and non-state agents. […]
19 November, 2020

Raising elites: outstanding Alumni of CEU Universities

CEU is the main private Spanish educational group with a clear commitment to excellence and comprehensive education of the individual throughout its whole academic life. Among […]
17 November, 2020

The transfer of knowledge at University, key for social and economic development

Scientific and research culture forms part of the cornerstones of CEU Universities and this involves organizing and taking part in international projects and programs to boost […]
12 November, 2020

Solidarity and research projects of CEU Universities with a positive social impact

CEU is the Spanish private institution of higher volume and tradition. Educational innovation and research projects are the main characters of Universities and a reflection of […]
9 November, 2020

Which are the management skills of a good leader?

CEU Universities are focused on raising the leaders of the future, the elites that will transmit CEU values to the society, in which they will influence […]
6 November, 2020

Research; the key in the future of university and society

The duty of the university is not only to transmit knowledge but also to create it. Not in vain university institutions of greatest prestige are strongly […]
3 November, 2020

How to find accommodation in Spain if you are studying at CEU Universities

If you choose to study in Spain in any of the CEU Universities you will obtain an official degree throughout Europe. But also, during your stay, […]