Juanma Portela

18 September, 2020

5 tips for your arrival to Spain as international student

Spain is one of the favourite destinations of international students. Studying in Europe is such a vital experience that also represents an advantage for your curriculum. […]
16 September, 2020

The University experience, much more than a degree: student clubs, culture, voluntary work and more

Studying at CEU Universities goes far beyond receiving an excellent education oriented to employability and internationalization. It is such a vital experience that will mark a […]
11 September, 2020

Rules for this year 2020-2021: CEU Universities, a protected space

There is no doubt that CEU Universities successfully accomplished the challenge involved in the closing of classrooms last March. CEU’s commitment to digital transformation eased the […]
10 September, 2020

The experience of studying in Europe if you come from Asia

Europe is a place very open to international students. In Spain, also, you will find a warm welcoming in a society familiar with integrating people from […]
8 September, 2020

Grants of the CEU International Doctoral School (CEINDO): fostering the research spirit

The International Doctoral School (CEINDO) combines two of the greatest ambitions of CEU Universities’ educational project: research and internationalization. Therefore, Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU with […]
4 September, 2020

Study a degree in Europe and the US and foster your employability

Having an international university education is essential for a successful professional future. Studying in Europe and the US will open doors to highly enriching experiences both […]
2 September, 2020

Discover the advantages of studying a bilingual degree in CEU Universities

In today’s global world, mastering languages is essential. It will not only serve to outstand among other candidates for a position but rather to apply to […]
28 August, 2020

The importance of scientific and research culture at CEU Universities

University life will be marked by the passion for innovation, discovery and creation. At CEU we have no doubt that research is the engine of knowledge […]
24 August, 2020

5 reasons to start the new course at CEU Universities with more enthusiasm than ever

At CEU Universities everything is ready for the new course 2020-2021. The Hyflex model is fully operational so double presence will be the standard this year. […]