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19 February, 2018
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3 April, 2018

Beginning of the entrepreneurship program to learn how to set up a startup

How to set up a startup? What tools do you need? What is the budget to be considered? These and other questions are being answered at the ’24+1 steps to Entrepreneurship Program’ organized by CEU Emprende and the Alumni Association addressed to all undergraduates, graduates and Alumni.

The activity is aimed at knowing the techniques and tools necessary to succeed in the launching, development and consolidation of a start-up company. In Thursday and Friday classes given at the Lecture Room CEU Emprende of CEU UCH, students develop the idea of a business and their Business Plans. To this end, they use an entrepreneurship methodology divided into 24 steps by Bill Aulet and the simulator Disciplined Entrepreneurship Toolbox throughout the whole educational process.

Culture and environment: key points

The first session took place last Thursday 22nd February. It was opened by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Students and University Life, María José González, and CEU Professor, Daniel Siles, who analysed the factors which have an impact on entrepreneurship, culture and environment being some of the key points of the entrepreneurship process.

The Program “24+1 steps to Entrepreneurship” will carry on until 31st May and is supported by Santander Universidades’. Among its contents it deals with how to segment the market, define the final user and dimension opportunities, among others. For further details please click on the following CEU UCH link.