8 February, 2018

A study shows youngster’s trends when starting their first job

The Southern-Europe Business Developer of the platform JobTeaser, Marc Pagès, presented at Universidad CEU San Pablo the conclusions of the study “Recruitment of students in new channels, […]
19 March, 2018

Beginning of the entrepreneurship program to learn how to set up a startup

How to set up a startup? What tools do you need? What is the budget to be considered? These and other questions are being answered at […]
12 October, 2018

New impetus to the CEU Entrepreneurship Club hand in hand with students and alumni

University CEU San Pablo in collaboration with Santander Universidades and Telepizza has hosted the opening ceremony of the new era of the CEU Entrepreneurship Club. It […]
15 October, 2018

Over a third of our graduates in Architecture have the chance to work abroad

Over 37% of our students of the Degree in Architecture are holding positions abroad. This way they can broaden their knowledge and grow both personally and […]
6 November, 2018

What do companies value the most when contracting?

5 January, 2019

Green employment: an opportunity in the sustainability sector

The sustainability and green economy sector is undergoing an important growth in the last years. Therefore, the necessary change of the productive model for a more […]
22 January, 2019

PlayStation and CEU-USP sign an agreement to create a University Degree on Virtual Reality

On 21st January Sony Interactive Entertainment España has signed a collaboration agreement with Universidad CEU San Pablo. According to this agreement our Centre will offer students […]
11 February, 2019

Voluntary Work, a useful tool for employability

Solidarity is one the values of CEU Universities along with innovation, international approach and investigation. University centres orient their educational projects to results. Therefore, reaching a […]
1 March, 2019

Personal brand for University students: preparing their entry into the labour market

Internet has allowed that a technique which in the past was only used by politicians and great referents is now available to all. The creation of […]