27 February, 2020

Over 60 companies meet at the Employment Forum at Monteprincipe Campus

In order to present the main challenges of the future employment market and for the attendants to enjoy a unique employability experience, over sixty companies have […]
25 May, 2020

Soft skills, more necessary than ever in the post-pandemic employment scenario

In the context of digitalization and moving on to the so called gig economy, innovation, creativity, management of uncertainty, flexibility and capacity to adapt to changes […]
3 June, 2020

The green sector, a source of specialized employment and with future

Each 5th June we celebrate the World Environment Day promoted since 1974 by the UN. It is the most important day of its environmental agenda conceived […]
8 June, 2020

How to choose a career: the degrees of the future

Deciding which degree to study is an extremely important choice that will define 4 years of your life and will set the basis of our professional […]
15 June, 2020

Postgraduates, Masters and own degrees: specialize in the health sector at CEU Universities

The employment market brings together professionals with very similar higher education and skills. For this reason, companies are demanding greater level of specialization, positively assessing those […]
7 July, 2020

From student to professional: employability at CEU Universities

The educational model of CEU university centres is focused on educating future leaders, elites that will transform society based on Christian Humanist Values. Also, studying at […]
14 July, 2020

The HyFlex model, a proposal combining face to face and digital education

CEU Universities have successfully implemented the double presence model in its classes which is fully operational for the next course 2020-2021. This way our centres may […]
10 August, 2020

Leadership Essentials of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL): Take the step to be amongst the best

The goal of CEU is to form future leaders, elites able to influence society to change it for the better. This is the fundamental purpose of […]
28 October, 2020

Work for EU institutions and contribute to Europe’s future

Working in an EU institution or agency is an excellent option regardless of the Degree you have chosen. You will develop your professional career in a […]