9 November, 2020

Which are the management skills of a good leader?

CEU Universities are focused on raising the leaders of the future, the elites that will transmit CEU values to the society, in which they will influence […]
26 November, 2020

Practical learning, key to raise the best professionals and favour competition of companies

Practical learning is gaining importance in academic environments. Acquiring theoretical knowledge is essential but having practical skills is the key to employability. Therefore, CEU Universities put […]
4 December, 2020

Studying Health Sciences at CEU: comprehensive education and educational innovation for a profession with future

The complexity and uncertainty of the actual, global and changing reality demands health professionals with something else than a consistent academic education. One solid profile with […]
11 December, 2020

Which will be the most demanded professional profiles in 2021?

The pandemic has sped up digital transformation already under development testing the efforts made in innovation and the companies’ adaptation capacity. It also leads to the […]
8 January, 2021

How will the leadership of the future be?

How will the leaders of the future be? How will the future leadership style be after the changes we are facing with COVID-19 crisis? What will […]
29 January, 2021

Artificial Intelligence: why people have to be at the heart more than ever

Experts in Artificial Intelligence, in cyber security, in robotics…the new profiles evolve nearly as fast as technology. At CEU Universities we want to meet the needs […]
5 February, 2021

Guidelines to foster your creativity and improve your employability

CEU Universities are oriented to foster skills and abilities, those known as soft skills. In this context, creativity is fostered transversally in all topics. Creative thinking […]
19 February, 2021

Do you wish to work in the third sector? CEU Universities can be your springboard

NGOs and non-profit organizations and social entities in general keep increasing their payrolls and seek ever more commonly personalized profiles. If you wish to work in […]
2 March, 2021

What are the skills of the journalists of the future?

The advent of Internet and the expansion of the use of technology have led to deep changes in the way of doing journalism. Social networks transformed […]