15 March, 2021

Reasons to study Law; a degree with great future

The Degree in Law encompasses many specialities and professional opportunities adapted to all sorts of profiles, services and sectors. Also it is a degree under constant […]
9 April, 2021

Develop your negotiation skills to successfully undertake

It is broadly known that having a successful professional career it is not just a matter of holding a degree of a prestigious university such as […]
13 April, 2021

Studying the Degree in Architecture at CEU

With the Degree in Architecture you will be able to access the architecture career, one of the most attractive as it combines creativity and technical knowledge. […]
16 April, 2021

The advantages of working in a company committed to diversity

Companies concerned about promoting equality of opportunities and inclusion are excellent spaces to develop your professional career. At CEU Universities you will prepare for this reality. […]
30 April, 2021

What are the career opportunities of the Degree in Political Sciences?

The Degree in Political Sciences will help you understand and analyse the political, economic and social functioning of nations applying knowledge from areas both extensive and […]
4 May, 2021

Tips to successfully conduct an online work interview

The online environment has turned into the most common scenario when contacting applicants and recruiters especially after the pandemic. Applications and programs such as Skype, Zoom… […]
7 May, 2021

Take another step forward in your career with a MBA

Studying a Master in Business Administration (MBA) will open the door to top level employment opportunities. But the reasons to study a MBA go beyond the […]
20 May, 2021

The 12 soft skills key for employment in 2021

Soft skills have gained more importance in the world of employment is these last years. In that sense, recruitment processes are ever more oriented to the […]
28 June, 2021

Which are the careers with greatest job opportunities?

Eighty one per cent of students choose the career taking into account the job opportunities offered according to an analysis by Fundación Universidad-Empresa. It seems obvious […]