5 July, 2021

Increase of employment offers for Postgraduate alumni

Nearly 10% of employment offers for university graduates demand among its requirements that candidates have Postgraduate studies and this percentage grows prominently every year. Vacancies for […]
26 July, 2021

Why are professional internships important during University years?

Professional internships are one of the experiences you should enjoy during University years. Having a first contact with the professional world is one of many challenges […]
19 August, 2021

Open Badge: a pioneer CEU technology to certify soft skills during the degree

Which skills are taken into account in corporate recruitment processes? Until recently they focused on hard skills which refer to technical knowledge but soft skills are […]
21 October, 2021

New opportunities for the employment future of CEU students

Over 80 companies have gathered at the Employment Forum of the Campus de Moncloa hosted by the Department of Professional Careers. A unique employability experience held both […]
4 November, 2021

CEU Professional Careers Service among the most valued

Our students value the Professional Careers Service above the average of the rest of Spanish universities according to the Universum study. One of CEU Universities’ top […]
27 December, 2021

Studying Medicine and Pharmacy in Spain with internships at prestigious hospitals

Universidad San Pablo CEU and the Foundation ASISA have signed a collaboration agreement to provide internships at Hospital Universitario HLA Moncloa (Madrid) for students of Health […]
28 April, 2022

«The labour market demands more transversal knowledge»

Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU is convinced that the key to boost employment relies on the alliance between University and companies. For this reason, it has […]
20 May, 2022

4 soft skills you need if you want to be a marketing professional

Soft skills are those non-technical skills that you will have to work and promote if you wish to opt to better employments. To sum up they […]
26 May, 2022

What do companies look for in University graduates joining the labour market for the first time?

Each year around 300,000 university graduates face the experience of finding their first job, a difficult challenge in view of the high rates of unemployment among […]