18 January, 2018

Students of the University of Connecticut join the CEU

The Vice-Chancellor of International Relations from the Centre for Study Abroad has launched the second edition of the Business & Internship Program that will extend over this second […]
8 February, 2018

New international student thanks to the “Centre for Study Abroad” Program

  Thanks to the implementation of the second program of the “Centre for Study Abroad”, a centre offering students the possibility to study a program in […]
13 February, 2018

Students from Connecticut share their University exchange experience

Two exchange students of the University of Connecticut who took part in the program ‘Business and Internship’ of the Centre for Study Abroad of Universidad San […]
3 April, 2018

A 62-year old Japanese student consolidates himself as the most veteran international student

Masashi Wakasugi is the name of the 62-year old student that consolidates himself today as the most veteran international student of the University where he studies […]
10 July, 2018

University Meeting hosted by CEU to analyse new radio formats in Europe

Last week CEU hosted the fifth edition of the ‘International Programme Europe on Air’ (EUROA), a university meeting which in its fifth edition has assembled 26 […]
20 July, 2018

We reflect on food safety with the Dominican Ambassador to the United Nations

Last Friday the conference “Chronicle about World Food Safety and Hunger” by the President of the World Food Safety Committee and the Ambassador of the Dominican […]
27 July, 2018

5 reasons to study a postgraduate in Spain

Spain has turned into one of the favourite countries among youngsters worldwide to study a postgraduate. And the reasons for their choice are its strategic location […]
21 September, 2018

10 Web pages you need to know if you decide to study in Spain

Its strategic and privileged location in the Continent, a broad cultural offer and programmes for all needs and preferences have turned Spain into one of the […]
29 September, 2018

Columbia University will receive our CEU students

As further testament of our commitment to the internationalization of our students, Columbia University shall count for the third consecutive year with students from the Faculty […]