4 September, 2020

Study a degree in Europe and the US and foster your employability

Having an international university education is essential for a successful professional future. Studying in Europe and the US will open doors to highly enriching experiences both […]
10 September, 2020

The experience of studying in Europe if you come from Asia

Europe is a place very open to international students. In Spain, also, you will find a warm welcoming in a society familiar with integrating people from […]
18 September, 2020

5 tips for your arrival to Spain as international student

Spain is one of the favourite destinations of international students. Studying in Europe is such a vital experience that also represents an advantage for your curriculum. […]
7 October, 2020

5 reasons to study Spanish, the language spoken by over 500 million people

Spanish is one of the star languages for students worldwide. Studying in Spain is an excellent option to improve your proficiency of Spanish and extend your […]
3 November, 2020

How to find accommodation in Spain if you are studying at CEU Universities

If you choose to study in Spain in any of the CEU Universities you will obtain an official degree throughout Europe. But also, during your stay, […]
24 November, 2020

Cooperation to development: how to turn your vocation into your profession

Universities play a really important role in development as they promote people’s skills and contribute to the progress of processes developed by state and non-state agents. […]
9 December, 2020

International mobility at CEU Universities: live the experience that will change your life

The challenges of the future will demand young professionals able to unfold in international, multicultural and changing environments. Therefore CEU Universities have been designing an International […]
18 December, 2020

The innovative COIL methodology: online internationalization and collaborative work

CEU Universities are developing a new educational strategy oriented to internationalization and collaboration with renowned university centres. These are the innovative COIL projects (Collaborative Online International […]
11 January, 2021

How to make the decision of studying a postgraduate in Spain?

The advantages of studying a postgraduate for your academic and professional profile are numerous. The expertise provided by these courses will allow you to outstand and […]