5 March, 2021

The importance of continuous education: updates, specialization and employability

In a world that changes in such a dizzying manner, a good professional cannot stop studying throughout the years. CEU Universities offer you the possibility to […]
9 March, 2021

Science contributes to the progress and wellbeing of society: This would not be possible without University transfer

CEU Universities have the persistent will of promoting the relationship and exchange between corporate and university worlds to contribute as efficiently and enriching as possible to […]
12 March, 2021

The usefulness of virtual reality in lecture rooms

Technology has come to stay in lecture rooms. It offers multiple uses both to save the distance of the actual context and to enrich learning. At […]
17 March, 2021

Simulation as a practical, active and motivating learning method

At CEU Universities we reproduce professional environments for our students to prepare themselves in the best possible way for their future incorporation to the labour market. […]
29 March, 2021

Everything you need to know to study the Degree of Marketing and PPRR at CEU

Communication, innovation and creativity are the main features of the Degree of Marketing and PPRR. With this degree you will access a world of employment opportunities […]
6 April, 2021

University clubs, reasons to join them

Studying at CEU Universities does not only involve acquiring an excellent education and the issuance of a degree. Becoming a student of CEU campus will open […]
20 April, 2021

Stanford acknowledges the quality of Universidad CEU San Pablo researchers

Stanford University in California has published the ‘Ranking of the World Scientists: World´s Top 2% Scientists’, that includes research professionals whose works have been the most […]
12 May, 2021

Universidad CEU San Pablo, the first Spanish university to join OdiseIA

The observatory of social and ethical impact of artificial intelligence, OdiseIA and the University have signed a collaboration agreement providing for the basic principles for the development […]
14 May, 2021

5 keys to succeed in your exams

We are reaching the most transcendental time of the year and it comes hand in hand with nerves and stress because of exams. It is the […]