23 June, 2021

10 reasons to study the Degree in Odontology at CEU

Among the most frequent pathologies suffered by general population are oral diseases or problems such as for example caries. Thanks to the work mainly of odontologists […]
1 July, 2021

CEU Universities, the second most innovative in Latin America

For the second year in a row, the journal El Economista has presented the ranking analysing over one hundred educational institutions of Latin America. CEU Universities […]
8 July, 2021

Is education your vocation?

At CEU we have been the last 80 years turning our students’ vocation into an occupation. We are the biggest private education group in Spain with […]
18 July, 2021

It is easy to study in Valencia if you are able to forget about its beaches

Bathed by the Mediterranean, Valencia is a city where the clock stops. Known as the Capital of the Turia for its location on the bank of […]
23 July, 2021

The Hyflex system, a guarantee of attendance for our 2021/22 students

Last year CEU Universities’ classes were provided with Hyflex technology which helps students attend lessons in campus and also connect in real time from home. Therefore, […]
2 August, 2021

Madrid is already UNESCO’s World Heritage

The city of Madrid forms part already of the World Heritage List, another appeal for international students who are considering to study in Spain. The UNESCO […]
10 August, 2021

Undertaking: designing in the present your professional future

Undertaking goes beyond creating your own work or a company. The entrepreneurial mindset is a way of understanding life, an attitude that makes you visualize opportunities […]
12 August, 2021

Why choosing Spain to study abroad?

One of the most enriching experiences offered by your university years is to study abroad. Choosing a foreign country to pursue your degree is a decision […]
17 August, 2021

Experience the Camino de Santiago with CEU

University CEU San Pablo in Madrid wishes to start 2021-22 academic year with an unforgettable experience. Coinciding with 2021 Jubilee Year, October 8th to 12th, the […]