5 October, 2021

CEU Digital, a commitment with specialized education in all educational and professional stages

Ricardo Palomo, Head of CEU Digital has been interviewed by El Economista about CEU Digital, one of the latest news of CEU educational model also committed […]
8 October, 2021

5 reasons to study a PhD at CEU

Are you considering studying a PhD? Here we give you information on PhD programs available at CEU. The first thing we want to tell you is […]
13 October, 2021

Expanding horizons to accomplish new challenges

Last 7th and 8th October the meeting of the International Advisor Council of CEU Universities was held to establish the future development guidelines. The purpose of […]
15 October, 2021

CEU Universities already have their own metaverse

Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU has developed a prototype of CEU university metaverse to make available for its academic community a teaching tool oriented to the […]
19 October, 2021

Advantages of international mobility

Students who take part in an international mobility program are more and better prepared to face the present and future global world. The international experience of […]
26 October, 2021

The importance of education in transforming skills for the employability of youngsters

Twenty per cent of actual employment responsibilities will disappear in the short or medium term according to OECD information. In this scenario, those skills not related […]
29 October, 2021

Campus life, enjoy your university!

Your university will be one of the most important in your life. These years are full of opportunities to learn and grow as individuals and professionals. […]
5 November, 2021

Your future is digital

‘Your future is digital”. With this motto, CEU digital and Talentum Telefónica have showed University students the path to reinforce their technological skills in the new […]
10 November, 2021

Cybersecurity, a profession with great potential

Regardless of the size and activity of the company, cyberattacks have turned into a general problem for the whole business fabric. Eighty per cent of companies […]