10 November, 2021

Cybersecurity, a profession with great potential

Regardless of the size and activity of the company, cyberattacks have turned into a general problem for the whole business fabric. Eighty per cent of companies […]
12 November, 2021

Why to study physiotherapy? Keys to help you choose this degree.

If you are soon going to start your university life and feel curious about the profession or if you have always had clear that you would […]
16 November, 2021

What is Cloud Computing and what is its use?

Cloud computing is being provided with IT resources under demand (storage, computing, data bases and others) through Internet with pay-per-use prices. Instead of buying and having […]
19 November, 2021

Valencia: 5 essentials and 5 curiosities

Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain and a good destination year round. The city attracts millions of tourists. Its climate, gastronomy, heritage, beaches, universities….all […]
22 November, 2021

Tips to make friends at Campus

University is a period of life marked by novelty: new colleagues, new teachers and new places. The brimming excitement at the beginning of this stage comes […]
26 November, 2021

Directors’ and professors’ Mentoring; a cornerstone in the education of future professionals

The proposal of the GPS Program, Growth Path for Students, of CEU is that a director of a big company or a professor with long professional […]
2 December, 2021

CEU Voluntary work for a more caring and committed world

Your University life is going to be full of great moments of learning both on the academic and personal aspect. One way to unfold as person […]
7 December, 2021

24 hours at CEU University in Elche

9 December, 2021

COIL Mixer, an encounter with over 120 international university professors

This online encounter “COIL Mixer”, organized by Vice-Rectorates of International Services of CEU Universities gathered over 120 professors from different Universities in order to connect and start […]