4 January, 2019

Enrol in the Innovation Week of the University!

Innovation is one of the cornerstones of CEU Universities that we propose in a transversal manner in all our curricula. It is a constant concern that […]
7 January, 2019

“Winter University”: a new academic opportunity with courses, workshops and sports activities

Universidad San Pablo CEU promotes the Winter University, a new academic and specialization opportunity celebrated during the month of January. The purpose is to offer the […]
11 January, 2019

Why being a CEU Alumni? These are the advantages

CEU Alumni is the association of alumni of the CEU education family. All former students of schools, institutes, professionals, universities, university schools and business schools can be part […]
17 January, 2019

CEU Mass Mediator receives the innovation award by The Analytical Scientist

The bioinformatic tool CEU Mass Mediator (CMM) has received one of 2018 Innovation Awards of the magazine The Analytical Scientist, of the group Texere. It acknowledges the […]
19 January, 2019

The close link between innovation and undertaking in CEU Universities

Innovation is among the foundations of any new business started by an entrepreneur. The capacity to innovate goes hand in hand with undertaking and both of […]
30 January, 2019

Ángel Herrera Awards recognise the research duty of our teachers

Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU has given its 21st Angel Herrera Awards in a ceremony held in the Casino de Madrid. These awards were born in […]
9 February, 2019

Innovation Week: bringing the world of business closer to University using innovation and entrepreneurship

The Innovation Week has finished with the presentation of the finalist projects of the Business Competition and Demo Day. The awards to the best works have […]
1 March, 2019

A student of CEU San Pablo is granted the Adefarma-Bidafarma award to the best Pharmacy Degree Final Project of the CAM

Carlota Pérez Sánchez, student of Universidad CEU San Pablo, has received the Award of Excellence Adefarma-Bidafarma, worth 3,500 euros for her Final Project of the Degree […]
2 March, 2019

CEU San Pablo hosts the Employment Forum of the University with the attendance of over 60 companies from different sectors

On 27th February the Campus in Montepríncipe of Universidad CEU San Pablo hosted a new Employment Forum. Within this framework several round tables, workshops focused on […]