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3 June, 2020
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8 June, 2020

CEU and AWS Educate present a Cloud Computing Program to be taught at the three CEU Universities

Employability of students is one of CEU Universities’ priorities. Therefore we work to adapt our educational offer to the needs of companies that change ever more swiftly. A good example will be the beginning of the year 2020-2021 with a degree pioneer in our country to educate future professionals on cloud computing. It will be taught at the three CEU centres in collaboration with AWS Educate, an Amazon initiative aimed at providing students with resources to develop their technological skills oriented to the Cloud.

Therefore, the student may access the content created to introduce in the cloud technology which seems essential already for the development of initiatives as diverse as those related to artificial intelligence, facial and voice recognition, gaming and medicine. Also, students taking part may access AWS Educate job pool which offers thousands of vacancies and scholarships to develop their knowledge in the cloud. In turn, students resident in Latin America may access online training.

The area of Digital Transformation of CEU Universities have been for a long time working in the cloud. The first step meant leaving aside on premise systems to start using tools such as Blackboard, Office365, Alexia, Teams, etc. This adaptation process has counted with the work of the so called digital ambassadors to evolve towards online education. Professors have been provided with tutorials and guides based on the idea of an Open Classroom, a space where professors solve their doubts, communicate and receive assistance.

Digital transformation, key in the educational model of CEU Universities

Virtual assistants, collaborative working tools in the cloud, predictive models to assist students, digitalization and automation of non-academic processes…all this is possible thanks to the alliance with major technology companies such as Microsoft or Amazon, that turn CEU Universities into pioneers.

The Delegate of the Dean for Digital Transformation of Universidad CEU San Pablo, Ricardo Palomo, has mentioned that this year may represent a change of era in the University teaching model with an evolution towards hybrid systems between in-person and distance classes. A good example of this is that over 700 people have done online the Medicine University access examination. To guarantee its legitimacy we have implemented the proctoring system of facial recognition. Also during confinement weeks, the University has made great efforts to create extra contents for all its students as webinars and masterclasses. Everything necessary to avoid that this sudden change the whole education community has had to adapt to with the closing of centres as a consequence of COVID-19 affect the education of CEU students.

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