16 Congreso Internacional de Estudiantes (CIE)
16th International Students Congress (CIE): over 450 students and 250 communications
23 April, 2019
Three research projects of the CEU Cardenal Herrera have been recognized in specialized media
6 May, 2019

CEU campus, the location of the first Instagram miniseries set in a Spanish university

The 25th April was the premier of the first fiction web-series filmed at a Spanish university. “First” was filmed at the CEU campus of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. The main characters are three first-year students who in ten chapters will experiment the emotions of this new stage of life they start at the age of 18.

Dani is a student of Business Management at Universidad CEU Abat Oliba, Laura of the Marketing, Public Relations and Audio-visual Communication at CEU Cardenal Herrera, Irene studies Architecture at Madrid’s CEU San Pablo. The three of them are 18 years old and face life at campus, new experiences, expectations and ideas of the future. Also, Irene and Laura change cities as the three of them are from Barcelona.

Physical distance and the great change of their lives will make them redesign their relationship to adapt to this new stage.

Different corners of the three CEU universities can be recognised in a series that aims to transmit how is the year that will change the lives of the main characters and the beginning of adult life: the first year of University.

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