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27 September, 2021
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8 October, 2021

CEU Digital, a commitment with specialized education in all educational and professional stages

Ricardo Palomo, Head of CEU Digital has been interviewed by El Economista about CEU Digital, one of the latest news of CEU educational model also committed to quality education and training of students prepared to face the changes of society. CEU Digital is a project at the service of digital education initiatives of CEU centres adapted to the Institution guidelines.

What is the origin of CEU Digital?

The origin of CEU Digital is in June 2020 when the Board of the Foundation San Pablo CEU approves the development of a specific structure of the institution focused on online and semi-virtual education programs for a broad range of ages and studies or occupations; although it is preceded by a series of strategic agreements for the development of programs in advanced technologies signed since 2019 with major benchmark technological companies (AWS Educate de Amazon, Microsoft and SAS).

Which are the objectives intended by this project?

CEU Digital is the new projection of CEU educational model in the scope of online education and in the context of the so-called continued learning during the vital cycle.

Therefore its objective is to provide this specialized and advanced education to several educational stages and professionals integrating several verticals or specialized scopes such as those regarding advanced management, health, art and design and the already mentioned CEU Digital Technologies in addition to other areas to be created.

CEU Digital is oriented to offering the most appropriate education to everyone who wishes to continue learning or needs to recycle to improve the stability or depth of its professional experience.

From undergraduates to active professionals who need to update and expand their knowledge or to opt to renowned certificates. Of course it also includes university students not only from the three CEU Universities in Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona but also from any country; given that education complementing studies in multiple topics and in particular, in new technologies is especially important for their employability and professional projection within the context of the new digital society.

CEU Digital will include a broad offer of online and semi-virtual programs of different extension: expertise courses, requalification programs and of progress of competences or master programs, among others. Also certain programs will grant an international certificate.

The project has started with a series of programs in the area of advanced management such as Digital Education for teachers, Digitalization of the Legal Sector, Proptech and Innovación, Management of Pharmacies in the digital era, Big Data & Business Analytics, Fintech and Criptoassets or Gastromarketing and management of the HORECA channel. Moreover there are programs in advanced technologies in collaboration with major technology companies such as the Cloud Computing Program powered by AWS, the Artificial Intelligence Program powered by Microsoft or the Advanced Program Data Science powered by SAS.