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29 October, 2021
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5 November, 2021

CEU Professional Careers Service among the most valued

Our students value the Professional Careers Service above the average of the rest of Spanish universities according to the Universum study.

One of CEU Universities’ top priorities is to foster the professional development of students. To this end they rely on the Professional Careers Service, meeting point between companies and University.

From the Service we assist students in the design of their professional career providing guidance not only in their most immediate future but also throughout their professional track. The service has a team of specialized consultants per sector that offer customized and specialized attention to students and alumni.

Internships in companies

Also the Professional Careers Team offers students the possibility to encompass their studies and internships in companies from the first year of University.

CEU San Pablo de Madrid (USP) has over 9,000 agreements signed with national and international collaborating companies. The UCH (Universidad Cardenal Herrera) in Valencia with over 5,000 agreements with companies and Universitat Abat Oliba CEU (UAO), in Barcelona manages both a national Job Pool with over 2,300 associated companies and an International Careers with internships and first jobs in over 76 countries.

The 3 Universities:

  • Develop employability programs (internships route, Job Pool…).
  • Provide counsel, guidance to students and provide employment search tools giving them the keys to use them and file a competitive and value-added application.
  • Organize recruitment and networking events with companies and organizations to offer students real opportunities of professional development.

Our employability figures are:

  • 95% of our students find a job.
  • 89% of our students have found a job in less than three months.

Please inform yourself about the CEU Professional Career Service at:

  • Universidad UCH.
  • Universidad UAO.
  • Universidad USP.