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9 July, 2020
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14 July, 2020

CEU San Pablo forms an alliance with SAS to develop analytic professional profiles

The University of Madrid has signed an agreement with the advanced analytics and artificial intelligence company SAS. The aim of this agreement is to contribute to the development of professional profiles specialized in data analytics within the context of boosting education in STEM areas. Therefore, study plans for year 2020-2021 at CEU USP will include topics such as data sciences and advanced analytics taught with SAS® VIYA®. According to Rosa Visiedo, Dean of CEU San Pablo, this agreement “shows our commitment to encourage technological and digital skills of students of the hand of benchmark companies such as SAS”.

Also she highlights the need to bring companies and universities closer together to create an ecosystem that responds to the new needs demanded by companies. This is without doubt one of SAS objectives which offers the educational community advanced technology conceived to solve business doubts. Everything oriented to the improvement of society and to face the challenges of the actual world. To this end SAS provides educational centres with tools and counselling for them to implement new degree models and programs including subjects like data sciences and analytics. There is no doubt that their objectives oriented to innovation, employability and continued improvement are perfectly in line with those of CEU.

Data scientists, highly demanded by companies

Adriana Rojas, SAS Academics Manager outstands that analytic skills open the door to all sorts of professional sectors as ever more organizations wish to capitalize data to introduce upgrades of processes. SAS intends to form future data scientists and offer CEU San Pablo value added to its educational offer through programs based on data science, SAS certification, business analytics and research.

In a hyperconnected world with a massive use of mobile devices, data are constantly generated. Their value is huge but it is even more valuable to know how to analyse and understand them. For this reason, companies appreciate ever more skills in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning.

CEU Universities cannot be oblivious to these so disruptive changes taking place. Therefore, it constantly adapts its educational offer through innovative degrees and collaborations with leading companies such as SAS.