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24 March, 2022
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CEU students enter the metaverse

As explained by the development team along with Juan Manuel Corpa, professor and Digital Ambassador of CEU UCH our CEU metaverse is the first created in Spain integrating different university campuses and their urban environment.

In particular, this virtual world embeds the campus of the three CEU Universities where students can interact, get to know the premises in detail, do different learning activities to consolidate knowledge acquired in class and make several administrative formalities such as the access to courses or finding a job. Also, it is aimed at integrating CEU Universities with the cities and villages where they are located to foster interaction between neighbours and students. To achieve this, as the metaverse grows, local businesses will incorporate to service university students.

The first time Juan Manuel Corpa thought his students may access the Faculty of Veterinary of Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera (Valencia) in the metaverse it was ten years ago. Back then it was technically impossible. “I am a vet and have been an addict to videogames since I was a teenager but I wanted to create a tool for my students to make compatible the world of videogames and the world of teaching” explains the Professor in Veterinary Histology and Pathologic Anatomy.

Little by little his idea began to take shape and so, using nearly 300 hours of his free time, has built “block by block” a faithful copy of his faculty using the most sold game throughout history: Minecraft, an environment where students can move and learn. In fact, training for Veterinary exams of students of this university is done in the metaverse. The idea was to reproduce the campus in the cyberspace including different tests to reinforce what is learnt in class.

The metaverse is at a discovery stage and although it is estimated that it will reach maturity within 5 to 10 years there are already many companies taking a chance on it. The University, as condenser of knowledge and research, cannot be a passive sector: from Marketing to Psychology, from Law to Cybersecurity, the different fields of knowledge shall meet to form this new way of experimenting the world and relations.