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8 June, 2022
Academic reputation of CEU Universities, a differentiating value
14 June, 2022

CEU Summer University is back; a great opportunity to receive education and specialize

One more year CEU Summer University returns to Universidad CEU San Pablo de Madrid in June with 26 courses focused on health, economy, communication, arts, engineering and architecture. A set of modules taught from June 20th to July 22nd for students who wish to obtain specific complementary education; and offered in different formats (in person, online and hybrid) for teachers and University professors and other higher education centres, institutions and companies.

Among the different courses students will deal with topics addressed to health professionals such as the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model; they will discover helpful tools to make correct decisions when buying and recommendations to improve eating behaviours; and students will get to know the possibilities, uses and features of the blockchain technology. Also they will learn global implications and the geo-economic impact of the War in Ukraine as well as the role of the NATO and EU after Madrid’s Summit or of companies in ethics and sustainability.

This edition will also hold a workshop on cosmetic technology to prepare different cosmetics and know all operations related to their preparation and control to guarantee quality and safety. And workshops on prototypes: in robotics for rehab; photography and video with Smartphone; and advanced courses on Excel and SAP2000.