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27 October, 2022
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9 November, 2022

CEU Universities, leading University internationalization and digitalization

Los Vicerrectores de Internacionalización de las 3 universidades CEU, en IVEC 2022

Universidad CEU UCH hosted the fourth edition of the International Virtual Exchange Conference IVEC 2022, held last 26 to 28 October. Over 400 attendants from 42 countries especially in the US, Spain, Mexico, UK, Germany, Brazil and Canada presented in these three days over 60 teaching innovation proposals to apply technology possibilities to the internationalization of University education.

On the occasion of this forum, the Conference of Spanish University Rectors (CRUE) held the meeting of the work subgroup “Internationalization at Home” that invited two experts in Virtual Exchange as university methodology.

The head of the Spanish Service for Internationalization of Education (SEPIE) of the Ministry of Universities, Alfonso Gentil; the executive secretary of the Internationalization and Cooperation Group of the CRUE, Carles Padilla; and the Rector of CEU UCH, Vicente Navarro de Luján, inaugurated the sessions of the IVEC 2022.

IVEC 2022 represents a unique opportunity for professional exchange with experts or agents interested in internationalization and digitalization.

Virtual Exchange to educate graduates

Through over 65 speeches, 31 posters, 6 workshops and 6 special sessions this forum made possible the exchange between students, professors and academic managers, of several success experiences in the virtual exchange scope. This methodology for university information allows the participation in teams formed by students from different countries, connected online to solve a challenge, a case study or to design a joint project around a topic or common subject. Collaboration between graduates from different cultures meeting digitally in simultaneous academic sessions as Collaborative International Learning (COIL) turns these formats of virtual exchange into an international academic experience without moving to another country.

Since 2019 CEU UCH has held over 50 COILs, turning it into one of the Spanish universities pioneers in the implementation of this format. Professors and students from this University where students from over 90 nationalities are raised present during the 4th IVEC 2022 some innovative formats that have been implemented in last years. Along with speeches and communications there are several special sessions such as COILogues and Cultural Challenges & Opportunities, during which different academic aspects are dealt with from multiple geographical perspectives taking into consideration the reality and context of each continent.

In total over 470 participants from universities worldwide have attended this IVEC 2022 of which over 300 do so in person at CEU UCH headquarters and the rest, connected to sessions. Among attendants there are professors, university managers and academic managers interested in promoting new multicultural academic methodologies through technology as well as students sharing the experience of taking part in this type of innovative and international education. Communications admitted by this organizing committee will be published in a special number of the magazine Journal of Virtual Exchange.