CEU invests in talent development
26 July, 2022
Increase up to 1.4 million Erasmus+ grants for CEU students
8 August, 2022

CEU Universities, maximum distinction in teaching and employability

The QS qualification system Stars Rating has rated different aspects of CEU Universities. In this evaluation they have obtained the maximum score -5 stars- in teaching, employability and inclusion. In academic development, social responsibility and installations they have received four stars.

QS Stars is an evaluation system to which several universities worldwide submit voluntarily to certify the fulfilment of the demanding quality standards established by QS.

Recently CEU Universities have been also acknowledged by QS – in its World University Ranking 2023- in the scope of internationalization of classes when ranking fourth in Spain and 301 worldwide.

Each of the QS Stars sections is scored for several aspects. As regard to teaching it specially outstands a high level of general satisfaction of students and especially its satisfaction with the teaching received. It also outstands a correct ratio between students and professors which shows classes which are not overcrowded. With respect to employability maximum scoring is given to existence and quality of orientation services and professional careers, the rate of labour insertion of its graduates and the optimal reputation between employers. The result obtained in inclusion is due to CEU policies on scholarships and grants, implementation of measures to adapt studies to students showing any disability and to programs to assist students from families with little resources.

As for the rest of dimensions analysed as academic development, installations and social responsibility the ranking has highlighted the programs for teaching development, sponsorship of social initiatives and general and sports installations in addition to medical services of the different campus.

All common aspects of the three universities have been valued with four stars for the strength of an academic program in particular, the Degree in Veterinary. For this degree it has highlighted the high level of international students and satisfaction of students.