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14 May, 2020
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21 May, 2020

CEU Universities: tradition and prestige for an international and excellent education

Fundación Universitaria CEU is responsible for CEU, an educational group internationally renowned created by Asociación Católica de Propagandistas (ACdP). Among its 25 educational centres covering all educational stages we can highlight the three CEU Universities in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Consequently it forms the biggest private educational institution in Spain with over eighty years of history based on Christian Humanism values. Forming elites that seek to influence and improve society to continue transmitting those values is one of the core objectives of CEU. All this is defined in the search for academic and professional excellence, educational innovation and educating in values.

Internationalization and prestige to move around a global world without limits

The international vision of CEU educational centres gains special importance at Universities. Aware of the value it represents for all students having an international experience, CEU Universities offer opportunities both to their national and international students who wish to study in Spain. Without doubt, spending a course in a prestigious international university is a plus from the employability point of view. Also studying and living in a multicultural environment provides our students with the necessary tools to unfold in a global world.

CEU internationalization requires interdisciplinary skills that we solve with international projects, internship trips and different study programs in prestigious foreign universities. Therefore CEU is the only Spanish institution that offers double-degree University programs at the best US Universities.

In turn, students from other countries can access an innovative and quality educational offer. CEU Universities also support foreign students through the whole process, assisting them in their enrolment and issuance of documentation and visas, among other formalities. They also offer welcoming services for them to enjoy from the first moment the international and enriching environment of our centres. Opinions of our CEU foreign students show that integration in a welcoming and diverse community such as that of CEU Universities is one of the attractions of studying in Spain and choosing centres of renowned prestige.

Recent acknowledgments to CEU excellence

On the one hand, CEU educational group has received from the journal La Razón the distinction to the Best Educational Group within the framework of the II of Family Awards. Also, CEU San Pablo ranks third in the list issued by elEconomista.es of most innovative Latin American Universities

Without doubt having a teaching staff with an excellent academic profile and consolidated experience within the professional and research environment also contributes to this success.

These acknowledgments evidence that CEU Universities unify tradition, prestige and innovation everything addressed to offer the highest educational service to our students. This is the reason for our over 85 years of training elites with Alumni present in the list of the most influential people and receiving students from over 70 countries. There is no doubt that CEU Universities are among the best options to complete university education oriented to results and to achieve quality professional opportunities.