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26 November, 2021
24 hours at CEU University in Elche
7 December, 2021

CEU Voluntary work for a more caring and committed world

Your University life is going to be full of great moments of learning both on the academic and personal aspect. One way to unfold as person is through social volunteer work activities offered by the University.

Do you know that through its different centres, CEU supports all sort of social action and volunteer service projects? To contribute to the comprehensive education of our students, CEU Universities coordinate projects in collaboration with developing countries with campaigns both to help abroad and locally, summer programs, seminaries and retreats for students. To help a student reach his maximum level of development and of his skills at the service of the society helping him to grow in generosity and with greater capacity to face the challenges of life. The key premise is that only a caring person can turn into the best possible professional.

CEU Volunteer work, Caring and Development Cooperation is aimed at boosting, channelling and coordinating social volunteer service, social projects and projects for development cooperation activities with the collaboration of members of the University community. Its ultimate purpose is to help people who suffer vulnerability situations, people in need, poverty and/or social exclusion.

With these actions, the University makes its own one of the purposes outlined in these Articles of Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU: the creation of a fairer and more fraternal society by the service to common good.

Taking part in caring activities involves some benefits for you:

  • It improves the vision of yourself and therefore reinforces your self-confidence.
  • It helps you meet new people.
  • It trains your team work skills.
  • It puts into practice the knowledge learnt in class.

In summary, the person that studies at CEU Universities is encouraged to collaborate in specific actions and community projects that improve the life of many others, growing in generosity and capacity to face life challenges.