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20 December, 2022
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22 December, 2022

CEU will extend its university offer in technical and healthcare areas

Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU will increase its University academic offer in the areas of Healthcare and technical disciplines. This has been presented in its strategic plan 2022-2027 to face the next five academic years.

The Board of Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU has approved an investment of over 180 million euros to continue offering top quality education in all academic stages.

This strategic plan seeks to modernize its installations, maintain the teaching quality, continue at the avant-garde of digital transformation and increase its educational offer both in studies and in posts.

The purpose is to increase its capacity to attract all those who wish to study in the different CEU educational levels. To this end it will increase its University academic offer of the areas of knowledge such as Health and technical disciplines. We will continue committed to the continued improvement of CEU teaching model which main feature is academic thoroughness and students and teachers satisfaction”, explains Javier Tello, managing director of Fundación San Pablo CEU.

Degree studies will also adapt to offer students the freedom to choose the education channel either in person or digital.

Also, postgraduates of CEU Universities will also increase in the scope of continued education of working professionals who wish to review and recycle and access other employment areas. “One of the strategic axes of this plan is to increase our offer and its quality so students have ever greater employability as it is the key of the vital project of each of them”.

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