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21 September, 2018
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1 October, 2018

Columbia University will receive our CEU students

As further testament of our commitment to the internationalization of our students, Columbia University shall count for the third consecutive year with students from the Faculty of Arts and Communication Sciences of the University. This way, 15 students will enjoy the CEU-Columbia program and will stay at the campus in New York, US during the first semester of 2018-19.

During this period, they will have to complete subjects to access the degree of ‘International Strategic Communications’, to be added to the titles of its regular degrees. The program seeks excellence among its graduate students with a high academic and English level in order to stimulate talent recruitment in the field of Communication and favour the synergies between the CEU and one the most prestigious universities of the United States.

In addition to the modules in Madrid with Columbia professors taken during the three first years of the Degrees of participating students, students of this third promotion have already attended two orientation sessions, one for students of the School of Professional Studies, where they are going to develop their studies and another one specific for the students of the CEU San Pablo. Classes have started this Tuesday 4th and will finish by the end of this year.

CEU Columbia – University

It is worth mentioning that the CEU offers the CEU Columbia University Program, a pioneer project in communication university studies in Spain which is the evidence that the University is betting on the internationalization of students and their training in global skills. Columbia is the most ancient university in the US. At present it ranks as one of the most prestigious worldwide.