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7 July, 2020
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13 July, 2020

Degree in Nursing: the prestige of Spanish professionals abroad

Few professions have been so highly regarded these last months as healthcare ones. The commitment, dedication and professionalism of Spanish nurses have become evident although this is something we have known for long. Since, Spanish nursing students easily find work in Europe and it is highly-valued profession internationally.

University education on Nursing in Spain is one of the best worldwide with a high level of professionalization. The hours of practical learning are essential for highly qualified new nurses to take the leap each year into the labour market. In fact, at CEU Cardenal Herrera they offer over 2,200 hours of practical learning, twice the amount normally offered at European universities. This turns our new students into highly regarded candidates in the United Kingdom or Germany as their performance and results are higher than of graduates from other countries.

Nursing is without doubt a totally vocational career. Empathy and the willingness to help others are key. At CEU Universities we offer comprehensive education in values so our students gain communication skills and very valuable personal skills for their professional day to day. To this we add the hours of practical education at university hospitals and a teaching staff with renowned professional experience. Also, Spanish students outstand for their orientation to the patient’s medical attention with respect to the greater importance given in other countries to education on patient support or assistance.

Reasons to study nursing at CEU

The demand of professionals from this area is constant so it is a degree offering many professional opportunities either at centres and hospitals or in the research or teaching field. Also, studying Nursing at CEU is a guarantee of practical education and an approach very focused on employability:

  • Academic experience: CEU Universities have already been raising nurses for 15 years with the help of a teaching staff formed by working healthcare professionals. This guarantees the transmission of updated knowledge.
  • Clinical and practical teaching methodology and of high quality, with face-to-face classes at healthcare centres, socio-sanitary and emergency services as well as in private hospitals collaborating with CEU.
  • Customized follow-up: the mentoring effort encourages and individually guides the evolution of each student.
  • Clinical simulation: Of vital importance for education, it has over 600 hours combining theory and clinical practice.
  • International approach: There is a possibility of receiving part of the education at prestigious foreign universities.
  • Avant-garde installations: We rely on avant-garde research resources as well as cutting-edge laboratories of clinical simulation among many other quality infrastructures available for our students.
  • Comprehensive education: It goes far beyond the Degree, being able to access post-graduates and masters as well as PhD at the Escuela Internacional de Doctorado (CEINDO).

Career opportunities of the Nursing Degree

CEU Universities also have agreements to carry out internships at the best Spanish hospitals. Without doubt, a great advantage when entering the labour market. This way, our graduates can apply to multiple positions as nurses in different hospital units, at primary attention centres, at insurance and accidents companies, home care, mental health centres, geriatric centres. They can also choose between research and teaching as well as accessing management positions of the healthcare or hospital area, form part of institutions for the disabled and NGOs.