Open Badge: una tecnología pionera de CEU para certificar las soft skills durante la carrera
Open Badge: a pioneer CEU technology to certify soft skills during the degree
19 August, 2021
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26 August, 2021

Do you come from abroad and wish to book your place in any of the CEU Universities? Below we explain you how

Do you come from abroad and wish to study in Spain? If you have decided that CEU is the best option to study your degree we are going to make sure that the pace towards your degree is as easy and convenient as possible. Therefore follow these steps and if you need our help, do not hesitate to send us an email to:

Process for international students in UCH

The process for the admission of international candidates to CEU Valencia is designed in a way that once completing our online form you may carry out all formalities using the Intranet for future students.

All the information is explained here!

You will see that to start the admission process you need to complete an online form , in which you need to provide some basic information.

As you complete the form you will be able to attach academic documentation we need to verify to know that you comply with our admission requirements.

Once the admission form is complete you will receive an email with the next steps to follow.

estudiar un posgrado en España

The Intranet of future students will inform you of the status of your application and the information we have about you. You may change your personal information, upload documentation, choose a date for your interview or download your cover letter if everything has gone fine.

You will receive an email with the answer to your application 24 hours after the interview and the language exam.

Once admitted you will enter the Intranet for Future Students and print the cover letter.

Our university offers degrees in different languages or bilingual so we recommend you to gather all the information from our Website on the language of each degree before applying.

Do you need further information? Join our Group Facebook para candidatos 2021/22, where you will find useful information to follow the admission process easily.

You will also find detailed documentation about the process at:

International admission to Universitat Abat Oliba CEU

Universitat Abat Oliba CEU in Barcelona, has its own fully online admission process and complementary to the PAU and other official University access examinations.

CEU Universities universidad de Barcelona

CEU Universities universidad de Barcelona

You may check your application at Website for Future Students.

The University will inform you in one week of the result of the admission exam by email, SMS and also by letter.

To always know the status of your application you may access the Website for Future Students and click on the option of checking your admission process.

And what about CEU San Pablo in Madrid?

Just as the other two, Universidad CEU San Pablo helps you throughout the process: enrolment, documentation, visa, welcome services.

Students interested in the degrees offered by Universidad San Pablo-CEU shall proceed to the following administrative formalities:

By completing the application form you start the process. The online program asks the candidates to choose a date for an interview.

If you want to apply for the first year of the Degree of Medicine the candidate will have to provide the university access examination organized during the year by the University (a total of 2).

Once all personal information is furnished the candidate will receive an email with its username and password to the Website of the Future Student to check the status of your request at any time.

The result of the admission process (admitted/rejected) will be notified to the candidate by email. After that time the student can book its place in Universidad CEU San Pablo.

You will further information about the whole process at: