Economics and Business

We are recognised for its international focus, bilingual programmes offered in collaboration with the universities of Chicago and Boston and encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives through StartinCEU. The Business and Marketing department offers its students a curriculum specifically designed to ensure future employment. To this end, the programme incorporates an international business framework and perspective as well as tools for innovation through the case study method.


 INT: modalidad full English programme
 SIM: modalidad de estudios simultáneos con otra titulación
 BI: modalidad bilingüe
ES: clases en español
IN-ES: clases en inglés y español
IN: clases en inglés
FR-ES: clases en francés y español
MAD: campus de Madrid
VLC: campus de Valencia
BCN: campus de Barcelona
CS: campus GASMA en Castellón
PRES: presencial
SEMI: semi-presencial
ON: online
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