Offering personalised bilingual programmes in Spanish and English. This degree has been officially recognised by the European Professional Qualifiers, which enables graduates to sign off on projects in all countries in the European Union and provide students with the opportunity to work outside of Spain. In addition, the Architecture and Engineering department involves students in innovative university research projects such as the Solar Decathlon Europe or the Shell Eco Marathon. We have a digital fabrication laboratory, the FabLab Madrid CEU, which belongs to the global network of the Center for Bits and Atoms Laboratory at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The centre carries out architectural and engineering projects in collaboration with other universities around the world.


 INT: full English programme
 SIM: Can be done as a dual degree
 BI: Bilingual programme
SP: Classes in Spanish only
SP-EN: Classes in English and Spanish
EN: Classes in English only
FR-ES: Classes in French and Spanish
MAD: Madrid campus
VLC: Valencia campus
BCN: Barcelona campus
CS: GASMA campus in Castellón