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8 October, 2021
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15 October, 2021

Expanding horizons to accomplish new challenges

Last 7th and 8th October the meeting of the International Advisor Council of CEU Universities was held to establish the future development guidelines.

The purpose of these meetings is to reflect with experts and professionals from different areas on the educational project of CEU Universities in order to boost, improve and even set new lines of action to respond to actual and future challenges.

During the opening session, Rosa Visiedo exposed the five priority lines of work for CEU Universities in these first moment; student orientation as centre of all activities, the streamline of the learning experience through Exploria, the incorporation of new markets and offer segments to our internationalization strategy, the use of technology both for teaching (of degrees and other formats) and administrative processes and the new legal framework for universities and their impact on research and teaching talent.

From then one, several work tables were organized about internationalization, digital transformation, employability, teaching model and the post-pandemic scenario. At the end of each speech, the advisory committee gave its opinion with recommendations and reflections to consider for future encounters.

This body was created in 2014 by Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera as a counselling committee for the internationalization strategy of such university. The experience during all this years has been so positive that its recommendations have expanded to other areas beyond internationalization and this year as presented as the Advisor Council for the three CEU Universities.

The council is formed by Roger MacFarlane (Former Chairman of UTI), Carlos Escario (Executive Advisor for the CEU-UCH International Strategy); José Carlos Martínez Sabater (Global Director, Strategy and Planning at Intel Corporation); Mario Moretti (Chairman of Geox Group);  Gene Ochi (Former Vice President for Client Strategy and Retention of UTI); José Mª Peiró (Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Universidad de Valencia and President of the International Association  in Applied Psychology) y Ana Vásquez Maya (Global HR | Senior Advisor on Talent, Digital Culture and Communication).