We offer an innovative undergraduate degree in Gastronomy. This programme offers a curriculum that combines hands-on learning of the art of cooking as well as the practical skills required to run a succesful business in the sector. This programme takes place in our state-of-the-art facilities and is taught by professionals who have been awarded multiple Michelin Stars. This degree offers the opportunity to specialise in one of the following areas:

  • Executive Chef: Innovation & Research in Gastronomy
  • Gastronomy Business: Food & Beverage


 INT: modalidad full English programme
 SIM: modalidad de estudios simultáneos con otra titulación
 BI: modalidad bilingüe
ES: clases en español
IN-ES: clases en inglés y español
IN: clases en inglés
FR-ES: clases en francés y español
MAD: campus de Madrid
VLC: campus de Valencia
BCN: campus de Barcelona
CS: campus GASMA en Castellón
PRES: presencial
SEMI: semi-presencial
ON: online
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