Study a degree in Europe and the US and foster your employability
4 September, 2020
The experience of studying in Europe if you come from Asia
10 September, 2020
Study a degree in Europe and the US and foster your employability
4 September, 2020
The experience of studying in Europe if you come from Asia
10 September, 2020

Grants of the CEU International Doctoral School (CEINDO): fostering the research spirit

The International Doctoral School (CEINDO) combines two of the greatest ambitions of CEU Universities’ educational project: research and internationalization.

Therefore, Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU with the three CEU Universities as responsible wants to boost doctorate studies. Therefore, in their commitment to academic excellence and with the improvement of society, and thanks to the collaboration agreements signed with Santander, it rewards academic performance in the III Edition of Tuition Grants intended to those interested in each of the official doctorate programs of CEINDO:

  • Doctorate in Health Sciences and Technology.
  • Doctorate in Composition, History and Techniques in Architecture and Urban Planning.
  • Doctorate in Social Communication.
  • Doctorate in Law and Economics.
  • Doctorate in Humanities for Contemporary World.
  • Doctorate in Transational Medicine.

All students officially enrolled in any of these full-time programs for 2021-2022 will be able to apply, among other requirements available in this PDF. All information is available here. The deadline to apply will last until October 20th. You may start the admission process on the webpage of CEINDO.

An educational program to form a network of researchers internationally renowned

CEINDO’s main objective is the creation of a group of international researchers boosting PhD. Interuniversity programs. It also encourages collaboration relationships with prestigious University institutions to integrate CEU researchers in international projects.

The Academic Committee of each program, formed by the Program Coordinator and assistant coordinators, team leaders and/or research coordinators with proven teaching and research experience, seek excellence in education and tutorials. Moreover, the quality of the activity in CEINDO is guaranteed by the surveillance of the Internal Quality Committee (IQC) as well as of the Internal Quality Sub-Committees (IQSubC) of Doctorate Programs.

With your enrolment in CEINDO you will also be able to enrol in any of these groups and:

  • Develop your research activity.
  • Contribute to the team work.
  • Contribute to innovation.
  • Take part in the dissemination to the society of the achievements obtained.
  • Relate with international research centres.

Research and scientific culture, the key of social transformation

Research vocations are essential to attain social progress. For this reason, CEU is working to promote and encourage them, as taking part in the progress of society is one of the milestones of our educational model. Therefore it is crucial to support talent and promote innovation.  We work to raise professionals of the future capable of transforming society for the better and doing so from the approach of Christian humanism values.