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How to choose a career: the degrees of the future

Deciding which degree to study is an extremely important choice that will define 4 years of your life and will set the basis of our professional future. Without doubt, taking into account your vocation and leaving room for what you really love is essential for our personal fulfilment. But reality is that our preferences do not always match our employment expectations and salary. Therefore, occupations most demanded by the market may not be those we would choose as our first option. But this is a very personal decision made only by you. However, if you have doubts and you are not sure about what degree to choose or if you have a list of several of them continue reading:

Reflect, know yourself and detect your strengths

Think about what motivates you, what you like to do, which are your strengths or what are you good at. With this information you will find it easier to narrow your options as you will focus on those degrees best adjusting to your profile and your character. Search careers you find interesting; surely you will also find many others you did not know about.

Think about the future: assess the demand

Our preferences may change and our personality will evolve throughout the years. Imagine yourself in a few years; in what position or professional sector would you like to be. Consider also if your passions are lasting or if you change your mind frequently, if you continue with the projects until the end or you quit before you finish. And with the list of those degrees you find more attractive, look for information on which of them have the highest employability rate today and which are future perspectives.

Then, which are the degrees with greatest career opportunities?

Adecco’s Infoempleo Report of 2018 shows that according to the employment offer in Spain and the interests of companies when looking for candidates, the degree with greatest demand is ADE, followed by Informatic Engineering, Medicine and Industrial Engineering. Although these degrees are the most outstanding, others such as Nursing, Medicine and double degree in ADE and Law or Employment Sciences climb positions and appear as interesting alternatives.

We cannot lose sight that the social and legal scope is the one students choose the most but also have most employment offers. In fact, candidates with studies in this area represent 42.4% of offers. ADE is the leader of this ranking of most demanded degrees with 9% of offers. Afterwards we find Employment Sciences, Employment Relationships and Human Resources, double degree in ADE and Law, Commerce and Marketing and Economy. With respect to technical degrees those most demanded in 2018 by companies were Informatic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial and Automatic Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering. On the other hand, this report highlights the positive evolution at an employability level of degrees such as Medicine, Biomedicine and Nursing. 

If you have any doubt, CEU makes available for you the cost-free and free access tool Degree Advisor. With it, national and international students may make an idea thanks to the information from several reliable and official sources. We encourage you to visit it and also the academic offer of CEU Universities.

What do you want to study?