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4 January, 2021
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11 January, 2021

How will the leadership of the future be?

How will the leaders of the future be? How will the future leadership style be after the changes we are facing with COVID-19 crisis? What will be the effect of digital disruption, automation and the general use of AI and Big data? The capacity to manage and adapt to the swift changes and innovations is already essential but it will be even more essential for the leaders of the future. A new era awaits us and it will demand different leaders willing to lead change; At CEU Universities we are already educating those leaders. To become real agents of change they will need broad skills and competences as the following:

Team work: diversity as a strength

The leaders of the future will know how to work online and teach others how to do it. They will manage easily in miscellaneous teams in all aspects. In a collaborative manner they will be able to guide the group in the construction of projects consistently aligning the values of its members with the corporate mission. They will be responsible for the creation of strategies, supervising their teams and encouraging them to unfold within the framework of the achievement of objectives.

Remote Collaboration: an empowered team

The leadership of the future requires strength and a management capacity present even online. The health crisis has made evident that there are other work methodologies and that they work. The absence of physical presence will demand from new leaders other ways to communicate efficiently and soundly with their teams; a team integrated by valuable experts who can assume making decisions swiftly.

Empathy: people at the heart

The new leader shall be at the service of others and try to empower them, to boost their capacities, everything with a humble attitude. Being aware of its own limitations and vulnerabilities will help them rely on their teams of experts to succeed, among others. Also, leaders will have to be real models and mentors who will accompany the members of their team in their continued development. They will also be aware of the impact of their decisions on others something that will always be taken into account when choosing.

Motivation: Passing enthusiasm on to the team

Another duty of the leaders of the future will be to pass on excitement and assume uncertainty to avoid any impact on the performance of collaborators. Transmitting hope on the future and enthusiasm will improve productivity and the feeling of belonging to a team.

Soft skills will be key to form the leader of the future; a person responsible of its actions, able to relate with others on equal terms and always bearing in mind the environment. CEU Universities work in the education of those professionals able to face the challenges that will come and to make the most of the opportunities involved.

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