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1 July, 2021
¿Tu vocación es la Educación? Estudia en el CEU y alcanza tu sueño
Is education your vocation?
8 July, 2021

Increase of employment offers for Postgraduate alumni

Nearly 10% of employment offers for university graduates demand among its requirements that candidates have Postgraduate studies and this percentage grows prominently every year.

Vacancies for executive positions are those requiring Postgraduate degrees. Different studies point out that between 25% and 28% of offers to cover executive positions require postgraduate studies.

Postgraduate degrees are an important and differential asset for employability. On the one hand, the favour access to the first employment and on the other ease employment promotion and upgrading of experienced employees.

The quality of the program is the key for this employability. For example, 7 of the CEU Masters are among the Top 5 of their categories in the Ranking of the journal El Mundo 2021.

Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid offers 50 programs in 10 areas of expertise. Their Masters are designed for the professional reality and have a job pool with 9,000 agreements with companies and 93% of employability in the last call.

Job placement rate of Masters and Postgraduates studies of Universidad Abat Olba CEU (UAO) in Barcelona is very similar with an employability of 95.8%.

Its University masters entitle to work in different areas such as the legal or healthcare field.

Professional development through innovation, orientation, entrepreneurship, job pool and relationship between national and international companies are some of their hallmarks.

Likewise Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera since its creation has always focused on walking hand in hand with the business sector with an offer of postgraduate degrees that responds to the needs of the labour market.

Committed to the employability of students, it has over 6,000 agreements with companies and institutions for students to carry out internships; a practical and real approach to the professional world that will allow them to step firmly into the labour market.

Postgraduates and languages

On the other hand, the global reality we live in, the internationalization of businesses and the increasing circulation of professionals between different countries have given languages great importance for such employability we speak of every day. In fact over 30% of employment offers for undergraduates require the knowledge of a foreign language.