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30 January, 2019
Voluntariado y empleabilidad
Voluntary Work, a useful tool for employability
11 February, 2019

Innovation Week: bringing the world of business closer to University using innovation and entrepreneurship

The Innovation Week has finished with the presentation of the finalist projects of the Business Competition and Demo Day. The awards to the best works have also been given. This initiative of CEU Emprende is an example of CEU commitment to the professional future of our students based on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Testing the most innovative ideas in a hackathon

Throughout the week students, teachers and professionals have shared spaces and experiences among them a “hackathon”. In this event, CEU High School and University students of have worked together to overcome the challenges proposed by SONY-Playstation and IBERIA. They have done so sharing their most innovative knowledge and ideas. On the one hand, they have proposed a videogame and on the other, several ideas of products and services for young travellers.

The winners of the challenge Iberia Market Place have designed the service “Meetvel” named after the words meet and travel. It is a social network to contact people who wish to travel to the same destination in order to do the journey with others.

As for the winners of SONY-PlayStation Talents, the proposal consisted on an adventure videogame, “PlayStation Learn History Journey”. They presented it as an alternative to the actual educational model for its users to learn history in a different way. Each level corresponds to a chapter of the text book. Students will have to work in teams to change level.

Knowing real cases with the most innovative companies

Within the framework of the Innovation Week there have also been lectures “The challenges of innovation and entrepreneurship in Spain”, by the CEO of Barrabes.biz, Luis Martín. There has also taken place the conference “Cabify Case: present and future” bythe Chief Cities & Communities Officer of Cabify, Isaac Martín Barbero.

On the other hand, several U-care Health professionals have analysed the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the scope of health. To this end they have developed a practical system for the classification of electrocardiograms based on encoding neuronal networks. U-care is a company which offers AI-based e-health solutions in order to transform health services to make them more efficient and accessible for patients.

Moreover round tables with national and international experts have been organized showing the keys to successful innovation in real cases. Several workshops have also been offered where participants have learned the different innovation tools and methodologies and the keys for the generation of technological companies. Therefore, areas such as fashion, beauty, gastronomy, genetics, ecommerce, fintech, legatech, communication of influencers and innovation in investigation have been present, among others.

The Innovation Week has been an occasion for the students to get to know real situations through renowned professionals. It is the best way to focus on both their career aspirations and motivate and respond to their concerns.

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