I CEU Congress on Educational and Teaching Innovation: sharing experiences to improve teaching quality
3 August, 2020
Leadership Essentials
Leadership Essentials of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL): Take the step to be amongst the best
10 August, 2020

Installations of CEU Universities are conceived to foster undertaking, innovation and leadership

CEU Universities form part of the biggest Spanish educational group. If you choose to study in Spain you will be using the most innovative installations to develop your talent and access valuable professional opportunities. Therefore, we rely on the latest technologies, infrastructures and devices necessary to develop practical learning from the first day that will help you develop skills at the highest level:

  • Over 90 teaching and research laboratories.
  • Audio-visual centres with sets, editing rooms, radio, photography laboratories….
  • Specific research centres.
  • Veterinary clinical hospital which is among the best in Europe in addition to a veterinary research centre and livestock units.
  • Areas of study, libraries and coworking spaces which already amount to over 120.
  • Chapels and church service.
  • Spaces for educational, sports and cultural activities.
  • CEU Institute for Advanced Management for executive training and postgraduate.
  • Entrepreneurship classes to develop your business idea.
  • Odontology clinics for internships.
  • Access to the best hospitals for experiential learning.

Fostering entrepreneurship as driver for the change of the society hand in hand with innovation and positive leadership

CEU is committed to the enhancement of the entrepreneurial spirit to which it pays special attention from the early stages at the Schools of the Group. Being an entrepreneur goes beyond creating a company, it is a mindset, an attitude, a way to position ourselves in the world. Therefore CEU Universities aware that entrepreneurship is the best weapon against unemployment and the key to social progress, we take part in the transversal project CEU Emprende. It is an initiative conceived for the entrepreneur as so many others offered to students during their studies at CEU: the Business Competition, the program to learn to create a start-up, several encounters, the Entrepreneurs Club…The aim of all these resources is to make them capable of translating an idea into action. Having the necessary material resources eases without doubt the whole process.

In this same line, it is necessary to bear in mind that innovation is the basis for all projects. Both skills are developed with work, time and learning. Having a creative and innovative vision is a plus to accomplish any work but it is essential for an innovative entrepreneurship. Through it we attain social progress and the development of the economy, a commitment with the society that CEU includes in its founding principles and which is observed in its university model. To this end it is essential the connection between Universities and companies, a task always present at CEU University centres.

Therefore, the installations that CEU Universities students have access to are conceived to ease this practical learning, the development of innovative ideas and synergies with highest level private initiatives. Everything oriented to academic excellence and the development of a leadership oriented to transform society for the best. This comprehensive education with the values of Christian Humanism as basis makes CEU the first Spanish educational group and a leverage to change necessary to achieve a more equal, resilient and sustainable world.