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10 October, 2022
We squeezed the most out of the European Investigators Night!
17 October, 2022

International investigators analyse the challenges and risks of Digital Culture

Universidad CEU San Pablo has hosted the II International Congress on Vulnerability and Digital Culture. Over 150 investigators have reflected in different speeches, round tables and 45 communications on the challenges, opportunities and risks of digital culture. Provuldig2 is a consortium formed by six investigation groups of four universities directed by CEU USP Journalism University Professor, Ignacio Blanco. The congress closed with the speech of the Dean, Rosa Visiedo who has highlighted: “From the scientific paradigm, universities have to contribute to the protection of the most vulnerable public such as the elderly, children or youngsters at the service a fairer society”. Blanco has pointed out that “during this era of uncertainty we are living with this digital environment and a hyper-connected society, education is seen as a more efficient tool to solve the problems of our days at a time of information disorders and the intention of this event is to achieve citizens immune to the virus of lie”. The Vice-Dean of Investigation and Professor of CEU USP, Agustín Probanza Lobo; the Dean of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Javier Ramos López; the Dean of Universidad Villanueva, José María Ortiz Ibarz; and General Sub-Director of Investigation of the Community of Madrid, Bárbara Fernández Revuelta have been in charge of its inauguration.