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29 November, 2018
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10 December, 2018

Investigation, one of the priorities of CEU Universities

Universities play a crucial role in the progress of science and investigation as well as in driving social and economic changes. Therefore it is so important for CEU University centres to encourage the work of professional investigators and form students interested in this area. The objective is to take part in the development of the society and work for common good as member of the Asociación Católica de Propagandistas (Catholic Association of Propagandists).

The necessary work of professors: teaching and investigation

The Vice-Rectorate encourages this twofold vocation as a way to attract the best and most demanding students who will also motivate quality education. University professors have to favour students’ learning and boost the interest for critical thinking, innovation, creation and discovery. For all these reasons the commitment of our staff is essential with continued training as well as with unconditional support of universities in these training and update needs.

CEU University is aware of the importance of creating knowledge through investigation and its transfer by student learning and society itself.

Within this framework to promote investigation and the training of investigators the University has created the CEU Escuela Internacional de Doctorado (CEINDO). The three CEU Universities form part of this project offering official PhD programs. Moreover, it offers different internal policies for the support of this investigation activity of professors: from PhD scholarships to mobility assistance and subsidies for projects or investigation teams.

Initiatives to support investigation

On the other hand, CEU Universities rely on a great number of investigation groups and projects, institutes and observatories that welcome investigators from all countries in a clear commitment to an international approach. In addition, it provides support to many Investigation Chairs in collaboration with private companies.

All this activity is observed in figures such as 80% of professors of CEU University Abat Oliba are immersed in investigation projects, 70 groups, 3 institutes and 4 Chairs of the University CEU Cardenal Herrera of Valencia or in the figures provided by Universidad CEU San Pablo:


75 active projects with external financing amounting to 8,030,045euros.

169 professors with positive appraisals by the National Commission for the Appraisal of The Investigation Activity (CNEAI) who have been acknowledged 243 investigation areas.

32 scholarships for the Training of Investigating Staff with internal and external financing.

The importance of disseminating scientific culture

The dissemination of scientific and investigating culture means also participating in National and International programs and projects. This is the case of Universidad CEU San Pablo with events such as the Week of Science of Madrid or the European Night of Investigators. In turn, CEU Cardenal Herrera promotes since 2007 the organization of sessions for Scientific Dissemination CEU Discover for the discussion of recent articles of scientific and social interest.

CEU University centres are aware of the need to inform about the investigation projects carried out by the centres. Not only to achieve visibility but also to accomplish their information duty and gain prestige through specialized media.

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