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14 July, 2020
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27 July, 2020

Last days to request CEU Merit Talent Bridge Scholarships of CEU San Pablo for international students

International students have the opportunity to access scholarships to study in Spain at CEU Universities, quality and prestige educational centres which form part of the biggest Spanish educational group with over 80 years of history. Obtaining an official degree in Europe is a guarantee of employability and international opportunities. Doing so at CEU involves comprehensive education based on the Christian humanism values and oriented to the education of elites that will change society for the better.

This is the case of the CEU Merit Talent Bridge of Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid. This aid program for students of foreign under-graduate systems who access the first university year, subsidises up to 50% of academic fees with the possibility of renewing this aid every year of the degree.

Which are the necessary minimum requirements?

To obtain it, the following requirements should be met:

  • Being resident outside Spain and coming from a foreign under-graduate system.
  • Having obtained a High School average degree equal or over 8/10.
  • Transfer students will not be entitled to receive this scholarship.
  • Being admitted through an international admission process.
  • Having paid the preregistration and booking at Universidad CEU San Pablo before 3rd June 2020.

Aspects assessed

The Committee will bear in mind the following merits when assessing applications:

  1. Academic Transcript: High degrees are a plus that can be considered as excellent for the degree intended.
  2. Languages: Being fluent in two or more languages is very positive. To evidence the level the standards and equivalences of certificates and diplomas with the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages as a guide.
  3. Social and extracurricular activities: The practice of activities involving a growth in values and showing effort, such as sports, volunteer work, employment experience, etc. will be highly regarded. The candidate shall duly evidence it including recommendation letters if applicable.

Which are the deadlines?

This year the application period has been extended to 30th July at 12.00am. Decisions will be published on 6th August. The granting of aids will be final after its communication although credentials and access homologations to the University may be pending and they may condition the final granting.

If the candidate despite fulfilling the requirements does not obtain a scholarship he may exercise his right of withdrawal so he will be returned the amount of the preregistration and booking of place.

Rewarding talent at CEU classes

At CEU we are committed to the society and we believe in the need to foster talent. Therefore, we offer such a complete “Scholarships and aids program” making us the private institution with the most investment in this objective. With CEU scholarships, the centre wishes to reward the effort and evolution of students and to ease their access to an excellent education to make the most of their skills regardless for their economic situation.